Bedtime battles?

One more... cuddle, wee, drink, story, song

Extra bursts of energy?

Late bedtimes that just get later?

Big tears and emotions?

Separation anxiety?

General defiance and refusal?

Bedtimes that have no end in sight?

We've all been there at some point, but you don't have to stay there.

What you will get:

  • Comprehensive overview as to why this is happening
  • Strategies to make bedtime easier (for all!)
  • Practical suggestions to help them to start falling asleep independently
  • Advice on scheduling and late bedtimes
  • Lifetime access to 2 hours of easy to navigate, bitesize video and audio content

The Bedtime Battles Masterclass contains the following modules:

  • Why do bedtime battles occur?
  • Making changes to individual elements of the bedtime routine
  • Using visual cues effectively 1 (flashcards)
  • Using visual cues effectively 2 (toddler clocks)
  • Getting out of the bedroom!
  • Bringing late bedtimes earlier


  • My full bedtime flashcard kit (value £10)
  • Gro clock/toddler clock guide (value £7)
  • Wake window and scheduling guide (value £7)

With my help, bedtime becomes calm and comfortable and you'll feel connected and capable instead of frustrated, exhausted and out of control.

Tutor: Gemma Coe

Gemma is a certified child sleep specialist working with families globally. She is also a qualified teacher (PGCE).

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