Bedtime pass and ticket

Getting some middle of the night visits?

  • Little one getting out of bed multiple times at night?
  • Calling you for a kiss/cuddle/one more story...?
  • Climbing into your bed at night?
  • Waking other siblings during the night with their requests?

Gemma's bedtime pass kit will help! These visual aids are great for helping your little one with impulse control and managing expectations at nighttime.

  • Printable fun bedtime passes
  • Step by step written instructions
  • 11 minute video tutorial for using the passes effectively
  • Printable bedtime log to track progress over a couple of weeks
  • Customisable canva template so you can populate your little one's name into their pass.


  • Receive a 50% bundle discount on the bedtime flashcard kit (for tackling bedtime delays in addition to night waking or calling out)

Gemma Coe

As well as being an award winning sleep specialist, Gemma worked in further, higher and medical education for 20 years. She's a qualified adult education teacher and committed to providing high quality courses and further learning.

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