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Perfecting the sleep environment

Suitable for: Newborn+

Wanting to check over the basics? Preparing for a new arrival? Early Wakes?

Master your little one's sleep environment with this course.



Bedtime Flashcard Kit

Suitable for: 2 years+

Delays or bedtime battles? Routines not working? Transition between day and night difficult?

Full kit with colour and 'colour-in' editions and step by step instructions.



Early morning waking masterclass

Suitable for: 5 months+

Desperate to see a 6 rather than a 5 on the clock? In this 55 minute video masterclass we'll take a look at early wakes, why they happen and how to push closer to a more 'acceptable' time for all!



Early morning waking/sleep environment bundle!

Suitable for: Newborn+

If you've got an early waker in your house then you'd be right to try all things to get closer to 6AM! Their sleep environment can certainly play a big role which is why these two fab courses are bundled together!

£29 £23


Bedtime battles (with free flashcard kit!)

Suitable for: 18 months+

Bedtimes taking 1, 2, or even 3 hours? Not the calm zen-like experience you were hoping for? Big emotions? Not getting any adult time in the evening? Let's change that and make bedtime stress-free!


bedtime pass kit


4 Steps to Help Your Child Manage Their Big Emotions

Suitable for: 2 years+

You know that familiar feeling of “they’re gonna blow!”, and you’re not always sure of how to deal with it and stop it from escalating?

Sarah's course is designed for those wishing to reduce everyday anxiety, tantrums, meltdowns and overwhelm.


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