Bedtime routine flashcards

Bedtime routines feeling tricky?

  • Bedtime routine taking 1hr+?
  • Managing big emotions at bedtime?
  • Different routines for different caregivers?
  • Power struggles at bedtime?

Gemma's bedtime routine flashcards are designed for those with older toddlers and pre-schoolers who reguarly delay the bedtime routine. These visual aids are great for getting a bit more consistency and predictability into the bedtime routine!

  • Black and White Edition (for a colouring in activity!)
  • Full colour version
  • 40+ different activities to choose from plus blank cards for your own
  • Full instructions

Bonus content:

  • Canva template for modifications
  • Discount on the bedtime pass kit (for tackling night waking or calling out, in addition to bedtime delays)

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As well as being an award winning sleep specialist, Gemma worked in further, higher and medical education for 20 years. She's a qualified adult education teacher and committed to providing high quality courses and further learning.

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