Perfecting the Sleep Environment!

The sleep environment IS important!


  • Helps to increase sleep duration
  • Avoids unnecessary night wakes
  • Helps to consolidate naps
  • Helps keep your little one safe
  • Supports good quality sleep which leads to better development and mood!
  • Helps avoid early starts to the day
  • Helps to reduce the time taken to fall asleep!

Gemma's sleep environment course is designed for families who are thinking about making changes to the sleep environment, moving baby to their own room or for those with little ones reguarly getting up before 6AM.

  • We'll take a look at the 7 main aspects of the sleep environment.
  • Full of top tips and advice throughout
  • Practical suggestions to get started straight away
  • Both text and audio versions of content - so you can easily access it when needed

This course can be bundled with the Early Morning Waking Masterclass

Gemma Coe

As well as being an award winning sleep specialist, Gemma worked in further, higher and medical education for 20 years. She's a qualified adult education teacher and committed to providing high quality courses and further learning.

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