Bedtime Battles

Bedtime Battles?

  • One more... cuddle, wee, drink, story, song
  • Extra bursts of energy?
  • Late bedtimes that just get later?
  • Big tears and emotions?
  • Separation anxiety?
  • General defiance and refusal?
  • Bedtimes that have no end in sight?

We've all been there at some point, but you don't have to stay there.

Full course for families with 2-5 year olds who would like to improve their bedtime routine.

Gemma takes a look at a range of factors influencing bedtime battles. This course consists of a range of modules with video, audio and written examples.

We explore:

  • Why do bedtime battles occur?
  • Making changes to individual elements of the bedtime routine
  • Using visual cues effectively 1 (flashcards)
  • Using visual cues effectively 2 (toddler clocks)
  • Getting out of the bedroom!
  • Bringing late bedtimes earlier

Bonus content:

  • My full bedtime flashcard kit (value £10)
  • Gro clock/toddler clock guide (value £7)
  • Wake window and scheduling guide (value £7)

With my help, bedtime becomes calm and comfortable and you'll feel connected and capable instead of frustrated, exhausted and out of control.

Gemma Coe

As well as being an award winning sleep specialist, Gemma worked in further, higher and medical education for 20 years. She's a qualified adult education teacher (PGCE) and committed to providing high quality courses and further learning.

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